Heather Purvin, President

Heather is a PA native who picked up fly fishing four years ago to spend more time with her brother and nephew.  Outside of her career in organ and tissue donation, she is an active member of Trout Unlimited and spends free time enjoying BBQ, blues music, cigars and camping in wild places.  She’s grown to understand why having one rod and reel is never enough and has acquired enough fly tying materials to open her own Michael’s location. 

Vacant, Vice President

Sharon Zamos, Treasurer

Introduced to the sport through her husband, Sharon has enjoyed fly fishing off and on for over 30 years. Over that time the lure of travel often included fishing as a destination focus.  She still considers herself a novice but continues to add fishing to her many other competing interests including history, art, independent film and three book clubs. She enjoys the camaraderie and educational opportunities from the wonderful women in the DVWFFA, and guide collecting.  She became a Member-at-large of the board in 2020.

Becky Davis, Secretary

As a child growing up in Northeastern PA, Becky learned to love fly fishing through her dad, an avid outdoorsman. After a hiatus from the sport during her teenage years, she picked it up as an adult and has been hooked ever since. She lives in Philadelphia and hopes the DVWFFA continues to give her an escape from the city as often as possible!

Alysson Cwyk, Events Coordinator and Social Media

Alysson Image

Alysson was first introduced to fly fishing as a young child by her father and has been actively participating in the sport for over 25 years. She served as DVWFFA’s President from 2017-2022. When not fly fishing, Alysson enjoys CrossFit, cooking, gardening, and traveling with her wife and their Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Gouda. She resides in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia and serves as the Chief of Staff at Moore College of Art & Design. Alysson holds both a BS and MS from Drexel University

Chris Gaydos, Webmaster

Chris started fly fishing approximately 2 years ago. Originally a Jersey Girl, she has lived in the Media area for over 30 years. When not on the stream or watching fly fishing You Tube videos, Chris enjoys tennis, traveling, photography, and is an avid knitter. The life of a retiree!

Vacant – Newsletter Editor

Pam Williams, Member at Large

Pam started fly fishing about 4 years ago and considers herself very fortunate to find the DVWFFA. She has had many wonderful experiences on and off the the steam with the ladies of the club.  Now retired from the accounting field, she is able to fish, golf and travel at will which she considers “not a bad life.” She looks forward to many years of adventure.

Wendy Finney, Member at Large

Wendy is a recently retired equine veterinarian.  She has been fishing for almost 4 years now and travels everywhere, as often as possible, in pursuit of new fishing adventures.  She has been a member of the DVWFFA for a few years and a member of the board for the last year.

Ariele Bagget, Member at Large

Ariele began her fly fishing journey 5 years ago upon moving to Philadelphia and meeting Alysson.  She finds fly fishing to be a beautiful and calming sport and says her favorite part about it is just being in nature (she has been known to wander off in order to absorb the surroundings). When not on the water, Ariele spends the majority of her time working towards a doctorate in Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University.  Ariele holds a B.S. from The Pennsylvania State University and an M.S. from Temple University.